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A simple example has been created to demonstrate what Xsldoc can do. This example consists of four small XSLT files in two directories.

You can view each of the XSLT files in their raw (.xsl) state, or as colorized html. None of the templates have implementations since this is of no use to Xsldoc. The file named NoComments.xsl is an XSLT file that has no comments. Its purpose is to demonstrate how much information you can get on existing stylesheets withou having to add specific comments. Here is the list of XSLT files:

customer/Detail.xsl (Raw) (Colorized)
customer/Report.xsl (Raw) (Colorized)
util/Resource.xsl (Raw) (Colorized)
util/NoComments.xsl (Raw) (Colorized)

The generated documentation for these files can be produced with several different command lines.

The “grouped by directory” method was generated with:

java com.maddyhome.tools.xsldoc.Main -use -d docs -overview overview.html customer util

The “lumped together” method was generated with:

java com.maddyhome.tools.xsldoc.Main -use -d docs customer/*xsl util/*xsl